Dog Training in Las Vegas

Dog Training in Las Vegas

Dog-Training-Las-in-Las-Vegas-AJ-CassGold Paw Dog Training in Las Vegas has been providing professional dog training services in the Las Vegas valley for both ends of the leash since 2006. We take a positive reinforcement approach to dog training with emphasis on loving leadership strategies which put you and your pack on the same team to achieve your training objectives. Gold Paw’s dog training techniques include owner involvement to improve behavior and train new skills for dogs of all ages, breeds and skill levels.

We offer a variety of dog training programs to help make your dog a valued, appreciated member of the family. We address behavior problems including socialization, potty training, stopping bad habits, teaching basic manners, mastering complex behaviors, obedience, anxiety, fear and aggression. Not all dogs respond the same or learn the same way. Gold Paw’s methodology changes based on the needs of the individual dog and client. In private training, each dog training program will be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Gold Paw Dog Training in Las Vegas is a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, an AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy and AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator.

A well trained dog is a happy dog! An underlying problem in many dog homes is that you don’t speak dog and dogs don’t speak human. Training will help bridge the communication gap. Dogs want to please their humans but many don’t know how. Gold Paw will help get you on the right path. Proper training saves headaches, arguments and money by teaching your dog what behaviors you do and do not like. Let’s prevent Fido from using your new leather sofa as a chew toy.

The best time to begin training your dog is at the earliest age possible or as soon as the dog becomes a member of your pack. Gold Paw can get your pup off on the right paw by focusing on problem prevention. It’s easier to teach a dog that these are the rules in this den rather than correcting long en-grained behaviors. If we’re past this point, don’t worry, we can teach old dogs new tricks!

Before starting dog training, it is best that you know your options well. These days you can find many types of dog training, in many different places. These training vary in price and each one them has something different to offer like Dog Training Las Vegas by Gold Paw.

Keeping this information in mind, you should be able to decide the dog training course best suited for your dog. However, you may seek the opinion of your local dog trainers to know more.  So now you should be at least a step closer to introducing your dog into a training course!

A few words about Dogs and Training

You cannot assume all dogs are top quality – some are born to lead even though some gladly follows the commands from the pack leader. Consequently, only a few dogs interact to trained in identical manner – some gladly do their tasks and exercises without giving you, the dog owner, a hard time and some will test out your temperament to its boundaries.

Hard-to-train dogs are certainly not the lesser beings in comparison with their more subservient counterparts. On the other hand, these dogs often possess several positive traits that restrict your canine exercise sessions. Two with the qualities that get in the form of proper dog training one of the most would be the animal’s independence and dominance. Let’s wait and watch how these qualities might jeopardize your pet training efforts.


Independence is by far the most commonly demonstrated trait by hard-to-train dogs. An impartial dog can be viewed as a renegade who never should please anybody. While independent dogs unquestionably love their owners, their drive to please them isn’t as strong as the ones from various other compliant dogs. This trait often provides each owner or perhaps the trainer an even more hard time throughout theirtraining your dog sessions.

How could you tell that the dog is independent? Here are several telltale signs: .Independent dogs may exhibit a marked indifference for some other people or animals. .Some may prefer being alone. .They turn away when reprimanded.

Nonetheless, independent dogs usually are not whatsoever impossible to practice. Simply know what harmonizes with them and what doesn’t so that you may get the best from your proper dog training efforts. Anything of caution – it is a big mistake to apply force in correcting the habits of the hard-to-train dog. Physical corrections including hitting and yanking is only going to bring about passive resistance in your dog’s part and earn your dog services all-around not possible. When your dog assumes on this stance, it could be quite challenging for making them obey your commands.

So, is there a first thing to do in training your independent dog? Make use of the “cookie power”! Basically, uncover what rewards elicit a good response and reap the benefits of it. Through an adequate reward, your canine will surely permit you to contain it your way!


A dominant dog is one who explicitly explains that he or she are not bossed around. While an impartial dog will simply ignore your commands, a dominant dog will highlight her or his discontent in succeeding as ordered around.

Dominant dogs are natural leaders. Using these dogs, you should prove yourself first before the individual recognizes your authority otherwise, your role is going further down the rest pecking order. Some signs of dominance can include this: .Displays defensive behavior when guarding territory, foods or toys .Shows readiness to launch in to a fight .Growls or snaps if they are not allowed to perform what you want

Dominant dogs are trainable. All that you should do is establish your role as being the one that props up alpha position. You have to establish your authority through reasonable actions and you may note that everything else follows. When the leadership concern is clearly established, your puppy exercise sessions will go on smoothly without the troubles!

So there you have it, now give me a call and let’s get your dog on a training program today!


 Dog Training Las Vegas
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